• The Last Jedi: Star Wars in the hands of Rian Johnson is as good as I hoped. And like Rogue One was pushing towards, it’s a properly modern film that manages to stay true to the franchise while going new places and not being smothered by the weight of what came before.

  • DUPers thinking that tagging members of the Irish government with sarcastic tweets is the way to conduct diplomacy? That’s nice. twitter.com/little_pe…

  • Edison Premiere Nouveau from 2012 (I think?), Diamine Terracotta. #MondayMatchupGiveaway @gouletpens

  • “Applicants are also expected to participate in after-hours work.”

    And that’s all you have to say on the matter? Lolno.

  • This European Capital of Culture business is a shame, but it’s not exactly a surprise, is it?

  • Leeds wants to be European City of Culture in 2023: leeds2023.co.uk

    This is a bit embarrassing: www.politico.eu/article/b…

  • Googles “tetrahedral chicken”.

  • Welp. We’ve rejoined the ranks of the mortgaged-to-the-eyeballs.

  • Do the idea is to use the first 140 to complain about the availability of the second 140, yes?

  • This is the best use yet of the long tweets, but the order’s all wrong. twitter.com/BBCRadio4…

  • It can’t be much fun going on holiday with Priti Patel if she accidentally spends so much of the time with politicians and the like.

  • fountainpenday2017

  • “Trick or treat! Happy Halloween!”

    No costumes? Really?

  • It’s not me. I wish it was me. I’m laughing hard, here. twitter.com/dumpsterf…

  • Brimham Rocks.

  • Pull into driveway, “Hey Siri, I’m home.” Lights come on. Hasn’t got old yet.

  • Altogether loving the guitar work on this version of Sullivan Street. itunes.apple.com/gb/album/…

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