• The swimming pool where youngest has his lessons has changed their background music from EDM to classic rock 👍

  • “How would you like us to get back to you? Phone, SMS or email?”

    I select email.

    Phone rings, unknown number, I ignore it. Then I receive a text message saying they tried to phone and can I please phone them back.

  • I’ve committed a dry run for my wife’s birthday cake this weekend. I’m aiming for a standard of at least “Ach, bless ‘im. He tried.”

  • Wow. Those are some pretty big jumps in call charges on Three: www.three.co.uk/Price_Cha…

    I’m glad I don’t use the actual phone part of this phone much.

  • Thursday morning is brought to you by the discovery that my children finished off the breakfast cereal.

  • Child: “When did you turn four?”

    Child’s cousin: “On my birthday.”


  • There was the thing I was meant to be working on today, from which I was diverted to a second thing. Then I was diverted again, and again, to end the day three layers away from where I started.

    I love working on a small team, but sometimes more pairs of hands would be nice.

  • Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, thinking about how much attention the garden needs. Also about how my bow hasn’t been out of its case in more than a week. It’s all about priorities 😜

  • Utterly brilliant Twitter thread, here.

  • Well, thanks to Twitter I’m now lining up all the covers of Pinball Wizard I can find.

  • SmugMug buying Flickr is an interesting development. I hope it works out.

  • Sun’s out, gu… pasty-white legs out.

  • Parenting: “Put the crochet down and eat the corn.”

  • When the interesting new pen arrives and you realise that you forgot to order the manufacturer-specific converter to go with it 😞

  • When you see the “somebody’s typing” icon in the Slack sidebar and it’s nearly 5 pm on Friday…

  • Lots of helicopter noise this afternoon. Reminding myself I’m not in Belfast.

  • Once upon a time, someone thought PHP’s serialize() into a database was a good idea.

    Now here we are, reading from that database with not-PHP.

  • Our table’s just a bit small for Firefly, but still good.

  • “Please allow up to 10 business days for your unsubscribe request to take effect.”

  • Ye wha’‽

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