• First three episodes of Cloak & Dagger 👍

    I’m pretty burned out on the MCU, but I like the way this has started out.

  • I’m pretty sure we could wallpaper a small room with all the accident/incident slips our boys bring home from school. I think they spend as much time falling over as they do not falling over.

  • So I fell back down the bluegrass-covers-of-pop-and-rock youtube rabbit hole.

    The I discovered what happens when you go to a Brad Paisley concert and get Hot For teacher.

  • Modern infrastructure in action.

  • Sickening, saddening. There is so much wrong with this decision. twitter.com/BBCMarkSi…

  • Tweet of the week. twitter.com/ryangadam…

  • I relate strongly to this tweet. twitter.com/neilingli…

  • I am a member of a group chat where someone has just asked that no-one post “too early or too late as it disturbs sleep.”

    I’m pretty sure there are other ways to approach that issue 🤨

  • As our boys get older, this is the kind of father I aspire to being. twitter.com/mrowe/sta…

  • This is a thread and a half. twitter.com/ChuckWend…

  • I realise I’m almost a year late to this party, but the iOS drag-and-drop APIs really are a delight to work with.

  • Well, this is an interesting development. twitter.com/THR/statu…

  • Amazon emailing to recommend me a 2018 wall calendar, on the 29th of May 2018.

  • How do they rise up?

  • The swimming pool where youngest has his lessons has changed their background music from EDM to classic rock 👍

  • “How would you like us to get back to you? Phone, SMS or email?”

    I select email.

    Phone rings, unknown number, I ignore it. Then I receive a text message saying they tried to phone and can I please phone them back.

  • I’ve committed a dry run for my wife’s birthday cake this weekend. I’m aiming for a standard of at least “Ach, bless ‘im. He tried.”

  • Wow. Those are some pretty big jumps in call charges on Three: www.three.co.uk/Price_Cha…

    I’m glad I don’t use the actual phone part of this phone much.

  • Thursday morning is brought to you by the discovery that my children finished off the breakfast cereal.

  • Child: “When did you turn four?”

    Child’s cousin: “On my birthday.”


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