• The combination of cookie notifications and GDPR popups on websites has me thoroughly trained to just click “Accept” everywhere. I’m sure that wasn’t the point of the legislation, but that’s what you get.

    And I care about this stuff.

  • Currently wondering why “UI like Slack” is a selling point.

  • Who knew unicycle orienteering is a thing?

  • Chatsworth House

  • Have not internetted in eight days. Did I miss anything?

  • 🌧️⛈️ Woo!

  • Aargh. Today was the last day of the school year (finally!) and the children are wired to the moon and will not go to sleep.

  • I don’t like beer, but I am wearing cargo shorts.


  • I hear a bit of thunder in the distance. #WeatherReportsAsAService

  • Is there some tradition or something that the Cabinet can’t sit at a bigger table they can all fit around comfortably, or meet in a bigger room? “To be part of the Government you must relinquish any personal space.”


  • It’s another day, and I’m still listening to Brad Paisley 🎵

    This is an unexpected development.

  • A little respite today, with a max of only 24º forecast, before it hits 28º tomorrow and up over 30º by the weekend.

    Jings, I hope the forecast is wrong.

    Yes, I am complaining about the weather 😄

  • Hands up if you’ve spent your Friday morning debugging PDFs in a hex editor.


    Just me?

  • Another day, more time spent trying to figure out why some things in my iTunes library are greyed out and unplayable.

  • First three episodes of Cloak & Dagger 👍

    I’m pretty burned out on the MCU, but I like the way this has started out.

  • I’m pretty sure we could wallpaper a small room with all the accident/incident slips our boys bring home from school. I think they spend as much time falling over as they do not falling over.

  • So I fell back down the bluegrass-covers-of-pop-and-rock youtube rabbit hole.

    The I discovered what happens when you go to a Brad Paisley concert and get Hot For teacher.

  • Modern infrastructure in action.

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  • I am a member of a group chat where someone has just asked that no-one post “too early or too late as it disturbs sleep.”

    I’m pretty sure there are other ways to approach that issue 🤨

  • As our boys get older, this is the kind of father I aspire to being. twitter.com/mrowe/sta…

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  • I realise I’m almost a year late to this party, but the iOS drag-and-drop APIs really are a delight to work with.

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