• Having a little “Good grief, Kid A was nineteen years ago” moment.

  • Experiencing Worldcon FOMO 😞

  • Just catching up that Automattic is buying Tumblr. That’s an interesting development.

  • Five boys on holiday, aged eight to thirteen. The thirteen year-old loves D&D. They’re now all out in the garden having independently come up with LARPing ⚔️🛡

  • 📚 Somtimes you finish reading a book and are left with the realisation that it was something really special. “This Is How You Lose the Time War” by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone is one of those. Everything about it is beautiful.

  • Woo! My tipping-bucket rainfall gauge has arrive. Plans proceed..

  • My day would be going a bit more smoothly if Xcode wasn’t so fond if its wee spinning beachball today.

  • Today is a Regina Spektor and Ben Folds singing “Dear Theodosia” kind of day. www.youtube.com/watch

  • ❤️ the recently-added “Viewed” checkbox on files in Github’s pull request review interface.

  • The pharmacy is air conditioned. I might just stay here ❄️

  • Conversation discussing our (presumed) soon-to-be prime minister, discussing anything he might actually be good at.

    “He’s very fertile.”

  • I bought a fan. The fan didn’t work. I took it back to the shop. I now have a different fan, that works. It’s a shame the air that is available to be blown by the fan is already superheated 🥵

  • Just finished Stranger Things 3. Now I’m waiting for my eyes to stop leaking 🥺

  • Hi to the mother who dropped her kids off to school with the instruction to “Dominate at school today! Shimmer and shine! Sparkle!”

  • I can hear my son downstairs videoing himself playing his Grade 1 Rock Guitar songs. Not going to lie, it’s pretty cool.

    Although I’m still trying to get used to the idea of graded exams for rock guitar.

  • One more sleep.

  • I didn’t even know floating solar was a thing. twitter.com/MikeHudem…

  • “Dad, back then was it a luxury to have windows?”

    “… Back when?”

    “When you were a kid.”

  • Jeepers, it’s getting warm ☀️

  • Three weeks without lifting a bow and nursing a sore back, I wasn’t expecting much today. I managed the third 1st Class score I needed to achieve, though, which is nice. That’ll be another badge for the quiver 👍

  • If I remember the dates right, it’s three years today since we moved back to the UK from Toronto 🇨🇦🛫🛬🇬🇧

  • That (mixed) feeling when weeks of work is represented by one short line in the release notes.

  • Total agreement with this. Being interrupted, switching contexts… That’s working in a team. Yes, it has effects, but that’s part of the job. Don’t be precious about it. twitter.com/janeruffi…

  • Pool empty and lessons cancelled after someone… polluted the environment.

  • I have yet to accidentally set anything on fire today. That’s an improvement on other days this week. 🔥

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