• So, I take it you all have watched the new Stranger Things trailer?

  • 📚 These should be worth watching out for. The Themis Files were an excellent trilogy, and the recent novella The Test was also worth reading.


  • I have just learned that orange Smarties are orange-flavoured. At 38, how did I not know this?

  • Is Tory party internal shenanigans not what got us into this entire mess in the first place?


  • Every time we talk about moving (or do move) from one project management product to another, it brings us one step closer to writing our own.

    And I’m pretty sure that’s why there’s so many of them out there 😈

  • OH: “I don’t need to get washed. I got washed on Wednesday.” #parenting

  • 📚 I love when Kindle pre-orders drop and new books appear in my hand! Today is Elizabeth Bear’s Ancestral Night and Sarah Davis-Goff’s Last Ones Left Alive.



  • “Far-left”. Ha. twitter.com/GOP/statu…

  • Oh no. It’s World Book Day next week.

  • There’s a broken tile on our bathroom floor and, when someone stands on it, it sounds exactly like a floor switch from Prince of Persia.

  • Also, what is the point of butterfly? Every other stroke seems to have a use or purpose. Butterfly is just “let’s make this really difficult.”

  • I will never not chuckle at my son’s swimming instructor standing by the pool demonstrating the movements for butterfly.

  • Creepy dog robots are better at doors than I am. twitter.com/OnlyInBOS…

  • 📚 This is interesting. Ararat was great fun. twitter.com/DEADLINE/…

  • Older son: “The book I’m reading is really old. It was published in 2003.”

    Me: 😶

  • I do like the look of these, especially the Pelham Blue. twitter.com/cultpens/…

  • Adds Doctor Who GIF to the pull request description 👍

  • 🎬 Hard to express just how much I enjoyed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It looks incredible, and it’s fun, funny and affecting. Just plain brilliant. One of the best movies I’ve seen in ages. I could’ve turned round and walked right back in to the cinema to watch it again.

  • Wee problem with working remotely today: when I’ve lost my voice, the mic doesn’t pick me up quite as well 😶

  • 😱 It’s just started snowing here.

  • The gas is off today, so I’m huddled round a candle for warmth 😃

    I’d light the fire, but it runs on the mains gas. So hard luck there.

  • Bye, Liverpool!

  • Whenever I read The Gruffalo, in my head Fox is voiced by James Mason. Just me?

  • Responded to a Brexit post on Facebook. Why did I do that? I know better than to do that.

  • Probably credibility-damaging observation:

    My niece is sitting here watching Frozen and Let it Go still gives me chills.

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