• Uncomfortable as I may feel about the occasion, the firework show in Roundhay Park doesn’t disappoint.

  • Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon was fantastic. Laugh out loud the whole way through, with a pleasingly high frequency of neat SF references. And you should stay to the very end 😎

  • All dressed up and ready to go for the indoor season.

  • Having to open the hex editor is rarely a good start to the day.

  • Huh. One of the “other Marks who occasionally (unintentionally?) use my email address” has signed up to Tinder. There’s a world that I’ve never been a part of.

  • Did iTunes break “Play Later”? It now seems to do the same as “Play Next” 😞

  • Gee. Thanks, iTunes.

  • “Use your administrator privileges to merge this pull request”


  • I recently learned of (can’t remember from where, sorry) Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files, an email newsletter where he answers questions people send him.

    The answers are often wise, and are always thoughtful and beautiful. I recommend subscribing.

  • Email: “Your Hue Bridge has been reset to factory defaults and removed from your account.”

    No hint as to why or how. That’s nice.

  • 🎵 Getting round to giving the new Taylor Swift a listen. That is some poppy loveliness.

  • Having a little “Good grief, Kid A was nineteen years ago” moment.

  • Experiencing Worldcon FOMO 😞

  • Just catching up that Automattic is buying Tumblr. That’s an interesting development.

  • Five boys on holiday, aged eight to thirteen. The thirteen year-old loves D&D. They’re now all out in the garden having independently come up with LARPing ⚔️🛡

  • 📚 Somtimes you finish reading a book and are left with the realisation that it was something really special. “This Is How You Lose the Time War” by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone is one of those. Everything about it is beautiful.

  • Woo! My tipping-bucket rainfall gauge has arrive. Plans proceed..

  • My day would be going a bit more smoothly if Xcode wasn’t so fond if its wee spinning beachball today.

  • Today is a Regina Spektor and Ben Folds singing “Dear Theodosia” kind of day. www.youtube.com/watch

  • ❤️ the recently-added “Viewed” checkbox on files in Github’s pull request review interface.

  • The pharmacy is air conditioned. I might just stay here ❄️

  • Conversation discussing our (presumed) soon-to-be prime minister, discussing anything he might actually be good at.

    “He’s very fertile.”

  • I bought a fan. The fan didn’t work. I took it back to the shop. I now have a different fan, that works. It’s a shame the air that is available to be blown by the fan is already superheated 🥵

  • Just finished Stranger Things 3. Now I’m waiting for my eyes to stop leaking 🥺

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