• There was the thing I was meant to be working on today, from which I was diverted to a second thing. Then I was diverted again, and again, to end the day three layers away from where I started.

    I love working on a small team, but sometimes more pairs of hands would be nice.

  • Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, thinking about how much attention the garden needs. Also about how my bow hasn’t been out of its case in more than a week. It’s all about priorities 😜

  • Utterly brilliant Twitter thread, here.

  • Well, thanks to Twitter I’m now lining up all the covers of Pinball Wizard I can find.

  • SmugMug buying Flickr is an interesting development. I hope it works out.

  • Sun’s out, gu… pasty-white legs out.

  • Parenting: “Put the crochet down and eat the corn.”

  • When the interesting new pen arrives and you realise that you forgot to order the manufacturer-specific converter to go with it 😞

  • When you see the “somebody’s typing” icon in the Slack sidebar and it’s nearly 5 pm on Friday…

  • Lots of helicopter noise this afternoon. Reminding myself I’m not in Belfast.

  • Once upon a time, someone thought PHP’s serialize() into a database was a good idea.

    Now here we are, reading from that database with not-PHP.

  • Our table’s just a bit small for Firefly, but still good.

  • “Please allow up to 10 business days for your unsubscribe request to take effect.”

  • Ye wha’‽

  • Stand back! I’m about to regex!

  • For the avoidance of ambiguity, #IBelieveHer

  • What I mean to say is, I wasn’t there. I wasn’t in the bedroom. I wasn’t in the courtroom. But I can’t imagine any amount of evidence would have led to a conviction.

  • I have written and deleted so many posts here about the news coming out of Belfast.

    I guess what I’ll say is that the verdict doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • I was informed by my six year old this evening that children in Australia don’t spend much time in school on Maths or English. Instead, most of their lessons are about surviving the spiders and snakes. #parenthood

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