• Stand back! I’m about to regex!

  • For the avoidance of ambiguity, #IBelieveHer

  • What I mean to say is, I wasn’t there. I wasn’t in the bedroom. I wasn’t in the courtroom. But I can’t imagine any amount of evidence would have led to a conviction.

  • I have written and deleted so many posts here about the news coming out of Belfast.

    I guess what I’ll say is that the verdict doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • I was informed by my six year old this evening that children in Australia don’t spend much time in school on Maths or English. Instead, most of their lessons are about surviving the spiders and snakes. #parenthood

  • This is how I remember there’s a Flickr.

  • It’s more snow 😑

  • OH: “Well, you shouldn’t have put your finger in there, should you?”

  • Another dump of snow.

  • ”I welcomed the prime minister’s robust rejection of attempts by the European Union to interfere in the internal constitutional affairs of the sovereign United Kingdom.” Was ever a more DUP sentence written? www.thetimes.co.uk/article/4…

  • And now there’s a teaser for S2 of Luke Cage, which I enjoyed almost but not quite as much as I enjoyed Jessica Jones. twitter.com/GeeksOfCo…

  • Jessica Jones remains the best of the Netflix/Marvel series (everyone knows I’m right), and S2 is only 2 days away. twitter.com/JessicaJo…

  • Today is brought to you, at least in part, by Weird Al’s Hamilton Polka. Dayum.

  • 📚 Just finished Mark Lawrence’s Red Sister. That hooked me hard, and there are some stunning passages in there. I have to wait how many weeks for the next one?

  • It’s very peaceful out.

  • A shame. There were always cheaper/better places to get things online, but so much of my tinkering has been enabled by a spur of the moment trip to Maplin. twitter.com/noTHINGfa…

  • A day spent squishing small bugs is a good way back in from a holiday 👍

  • OH: “If you read it on the internet then I’m sure it’s alright.”

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