• Child:”What is Stranger Things?” Me: “It’s a brilliant fantasy-ish sci-fi TV series.” Child: “Oh, a bit like Coronation Street.” Me: “…”

  • Last track + big silence + hidden track all in one big audio file really is annoying. But it was annoying on CDs, too.

  • I feel like it’d be worth it to catch Bladerunner 2049 in the cinema again before it drops off, but I doubt I’ll get the chance.

  • “I can’t set an alarm here. Would you like a reminder instead?”

    No, Siri. I would not.

    Is this still a thing in High Sierra?

  • OH: “With a pair of pliers and a positive attitude you can do anything.”

  • “ERROR: The instance profile associated with the environment does not exist."

    Yes it does. I can show it to you in the list. #aws

  • I don’t know when handoff became a thing between Mobile Safari and desktop Chrome, but I like it a lot.

  • Transmitter mast away in the distance.

  • Lulu’s idea of flash fiction is a bit different to mine.

  • Waling a new tester through getting set up with TestFlight. Turns out it’s not as user-friendly as I thought.

  • Including the Will Riker emoji we’ve always needed. twitter.com/Emojipedi…

  • In the last few weeks of my 37th year, how is it I’m so bad at something as simple as peeling an orange?

  • ❤️ starting a new notebook.

  • No need to mark where you’re standing today.

  • Such an amazingly terrible story. He’s the unwanted gift that keeps on giving. twitter.com/NicolaStu…

  • Liverpool Cathedral is an extraordinary building.

  • Now that the trailer’s out, I’m pretty hopeful about the Annihilation movie.

  • Today has been a day of tracking down some very interesting bugs.

  • I’m trying to think of circumstances where kneeling is viewed as something other than respectful. Haven’t come up with any.

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