• The gas is off today, so I’m huddled round a candle for warmth 😃

    I’d light the fire, but it runs on the mains gas. So hard luck there.

  • Bye, Liverpool!

  • Whenever I read The Gruffalo, in my head Fox is voiced by James Mason. Just me?

  • Responded to a Brexit post on Facebook. Why did I do that? I know better than to do that.

  • Probably credibility-damaging observation:

    My niece is sitting here watching Frozen and Let it Go still gives me chills.

  • Well-played to the Amazon delivery person who decided our black wheelie bin was both a sensible and hygienic place to leave our package.

  • OH: “I’m about to make this experience as rich as Jeff Bezos.”

  • I’m four episodes in to Netflix’s The Mist series. So far, not one likeable character, but balanced by how horrible things keep happening to the horrible people.

    It wasn’t picked up for a second series, so I suspect I’ll manage to stick with it for the six episodes that remain.

  • According to Goodreads, my Year in Books was only one long. More of a Year in Book.

    Which isn’t right. I guess I mustn’t be using it correctly 😞

  • Good morning. Happy Monday, folks.

  • Fletching my arrows the night before a competition. Is that typically organised for me?

  • 🎵 This afternoon’s debugging has been brought to you by Apple Music’s Essential 90s Soft Rock playlist. Or, as it is alternatively titled, Nostalgia for My Teenaged Ears.

  • Good job, Internet, keeping me free of Crimes of Grindelwald spoilers. Now I’ve seen it: 😮

  • This sounds good to me. twitter.com/monzo/sta…

  • That thing where you log out of App Store Connect and back in again and the build stalled in processing suddenly becomes available.

  • A watched build is never processed…

  • 📚 New Rivers of London, today. Yeooo!

  • “Mrs May.

    “We handed you a pile of cold horse droppings on the understanding that you would change it into diamonds and rulership of the known world.

    “As you have failed to deliver these things, we have no confidence in you.”

  • Downside of working from home: spending lunch peeling the spuds to get the stew on for tonight.

    Upside of working from home: stew tonight.

  • /me declares RSS bankruptcy.

  • Starting to get a little bit excited about the Good Omens series.

  • Whatever your opinions of modern country music, Brad Paisley can fairly play his guitar.

  • Learning about the history of rationing in the UK. No reason.

  • I think we’re getting all the rain we didn’t get over the summer 😮☔️🌊

  • Giving Aldi’s 8.5p/litre diet cola a go. I wouldn’t say I have high expectations, but let’s see.

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